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erectus brazil

erectus brazil

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Latin “upright man” extinct species of the human genus (Homo), perhaps an ancestor of modern humans (Homo sapiens). H. erectus most likely originated in Africa
Seahorses - Hippocampus erectus.
Hippocampus erectus Seahorses are a deep chested, robust and hardy seahorse. They often have lined patterns throughout the body, with or without saddle markings

Homo erectus (hominin) -- Britannica.

H Erectus Price: $75.00 . Robust, hearty. They have lined patterns throughout the body. They are black and white usually but they can be brown, red, green, gray
Erectus, Seahorses, Seahorses and.
One of the great figures in modern jazz, bassist Charles Mingus was the ultimate triple threat: a master of his instrument, a jazz composer of the first rank, and an
16.02.2008  Best Answer: This was answered previously by icabodwa(See excerpt and link) Homo erectus "Upright Man") was the first hominid to leave Africa. His
Homo Erectus
  • What is the difference between homo.

  • Why did Homo Erectus migrate from Africa?.
    29.06.2008  Best Answer: Homo erectus "Upright Man") was the first hominid to leave Africa. His existence dates from 1.6 million years ago to perhaps 200,000 years ago

    01.03.2009  Best Answer: According to some, Homo ergaster gave rise to Homo erectus. The biggest difference is brain capacity/cranial vault/sagital keel. H. ergaster

    erectus brazil

    Erectus, Seahorses, Seahorses and.

    What's the difference between Homo. Pithecanthropus Erectus:.
    15.04.2008  Best Answer: Probably adaptations to the climate, more successful species I cannot believe how immature some of these answers are

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